Bob Proctor & Jodi Arius


As you can see, Jodi Arias and Bob Proctor are acquainted. This connection with a very good motivational speaker drove me to look into his philosophy of achievement that is rooted in Raja Yoga and Zen beliefs.

Bob Proctor’s philosophy: “You are going to build the image of what you want and you are going to hold on to that image and you are going to stay in that vibration.” Vibrations that project out and power you to your goal, the while, they move into the Universe and influence it.

Wow! This is super empowering entitlement. More of that later. I finally had a theory of what script Jodi is following, it’s Bob Proctor’s philosophy.

This is why Jodi can smile at Travis Alexander’s family during the trial, to convey love and innocence; and retain a facade of girly-goodness after sustaining a 1,000 Cuts from Prosecutor Juan “The Scalpel” Gonzales. This Bob Proctor philosophy has given Jodi strength and endurance; its better than thinking of hanging.

But until the day-of-judgment arrives, Jodi is hunkered down in this state that is vibrating love and innocence, these vibrations that will propel her to innocence and freedom. Considering, I can’t blame her as the alternative is horrific. The panacea of Bob Proctor’s philosophy is just what Jodi needs: See what you want to see! Hear what you want to hear!

To a psychopath, or to a high antisocial personality scorer, Bob Proctor is the perfect guru.

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