Jodi asks for copy of Travis’ Eulogy

Psychopaths are Callous, Manipulative and Unfeeling

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8 Responses to Jodi asks for copy of Travis’ Eulogy

  1. JanCorey says:

    Some hang around to mutilate the body as just demonstrated in this case. See what happens when people try to apply logic to psychotic events? Travis caused that and no one else did, imo. Travis was surprised that Jodi confronted him on the issue of him whacking off to pictures of little boys. Travis got what he deserved, imo. I know he got off pretty easy considering the abuse he dished out to Jodie.

  2. Rose Chimera says:

    JanCorey, its a tough statement to back up, “Travis got what he deserved”, as it seems the public as a whole are blood thirsty and want Jodi Arias to be put to death. In a public square no doubt similar to the Salem witch trials…burn ’em at the stake! I can’t say if I agree that he got what he deserved as life is precious…to most people. However, I will say that he wasn’t innocent at all. She was his dirty little secret, it only seems reasonable that he had other dirty little secrets… pedophilia could be one of them. His so called friends who come out singing his praises do not convince me at all, they didn’t know about his sexual escapades with Jodi did they? Nope. Stands to reason they didn’t know Travis at all. IMO the death penalty might be a bit harsh for Jodi. Should she go free? Probably not. LWOP would be fair. Part of her sentence could be that she make herself available to all mental health professionals who want to study her seeking better understanding to…whatever she isn’t diagnosed with but probably should be.

    • JanCorey says:

      Based solely upon the facts of this case and the presentation and cross examination by the prosecution leads to nothing but an acquittal for the accused, if all legal steps are properly followed in this case, imo.

      • Rose Chimera says:

        Acquittal? She’s admitted to killing him. Do I understand you think the jury is going to acquit her believing the self defense angle? I think her lawyers are just trying to save her life, get rid of the death penalty. Of course she only needs one juror to be sympathetic to her. Acquittal might be optimistic but time will tell! 🙂

      • JanCorey says:

        I truly believe the killing was done in self-defense which is not a crime. All the other things like Jodi lying to the police and her changing her story is simply symptomatic of the abuse caused by Travis, imo.

      • Rose Chimera says:

        Self defense truly is not criminal. As for her lying to the police..who wouldn’t?!!! She killed someone she cared about. Police are not a friend when asking questions about a killing. I don’t blame her for lying. I only wish she would have said NOTHING at all. Let the police do their job and find whatever evidence they think is relevant. She’s under no obligation to confess to what they wanted to charge her with after all. It would be easier for her if she had just used her constitutional right to remain silent. Certainly that 48 hours interview wasn’t in her best interest. It would be a totally different trial if she’d gotten an attorney asap after the incident. To protect herself. Alas…. spilt milk.

      • JanCorey says:

        Well said Rose, ditto on that too.

      • rocrocha says:

        Thanks Much!

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