Welcome to the world of Psychopaths!

We gather to study the psycho brain. What makes it tick? What causes it to malfunction and what causes it to produce anti-social behaviors. The concern is Psychopathy from youth to adulthood.

Search for a Reason for Being

Why is this site dedicated to Psychopathy? This site is the product of my finding a “reason for being.”

For some decades, I wandered aimlessly from college-to-college, with periodic breaks of menial work. I was seamlessly easing into becoming a pub habituate and a connoisseur of “prepettes”.

In 1991 I was a 40-year-old student at the University of Southern California, living in the midst of slums and barrios, surrounded by crime and criminals. The sound of gun battles, car chases, sirens and hovering police helicopters carried me to sleep each night. By this stage in my life, college student-role playing became unbearable, and it segued into becoming a student of the criminal mind. What better place than to begin than observing first-hand this culture in the surrounding ‘hoods! The intellectual stimulus and adventures and danger of it all! Being a mature student was weighing on me. What to do? My age and lack of raison de etre was pressing on me! I fearlessly ventured into these ‘hoods to socialize with these creatures affected by psychopathic and antisocial behavior disorders. After months of reckless abandon, interacting with these criminals, I experienced a brain hemorrhage from blunt force trauma at the start of the summer of 1992. Somehow, I registered and took classes during the Fall Semester; all of which is a blank to me. Again, somehow I registered for the Spring Semester. On January 8, 1993, the Friday before the start of the semester, I was hit by a car, which broke both legs and inflicted another traumatic closed head wound.

Reason for Being

After embracing my survival instinct and recovering from the injuries, I went back to studying the criminal mind, this time from an intellectual perspective, reading the works of experts in the field, and keeping my distance from the subjects. In the present time, I plan to sit safely in a court room recording the trial of 2-child psychopaths, and interview others involved in the case.
I feel it is my destiny to tell the public about the menace of the high priest of criminals, the psychopath. Dr. Kent Kiehl calculated that psychopathic behavior in the United States costs the public $250-to-400 billion annually. This includes the costs of trial and imprisonment, the loss of life, limb, mental health and property damage.

1-in-100 men in the general population are psychopaths, while the incidence among women is estimated at 1-in-300. 15-to-25% of the inmates in the USA and Canada are Psychopaths. This site will attempt to describe the psychopaths amongst us, and to provide the public with ways to recognize them before they strike one with ruination.

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